School Back In Session In Beaver Dam

5/8/17 – School is back in session in Beaver Dam today after every public school in the district closed Friday because of what officials called (quote) “sinister” threats. An assistant high school principal received the threats by email referencing a gun, explosives and the intent to hurt students and staff during fifth period. The threat was implied to be against the high school but Superintendent Steve Vessey did not take any precautions – especially since one elementary school is near the high school – and all district schools were closed. Vessey says this is an ongoing problem in Beaver Dam, in Wisconsin and across the nation and it has serious consequences. “Am I frustrated? I am very frustrated,” Vessey said on Friday. There were three students that authorities needed to interview but only two had been identified when police and school officials held a press conference just before the noon hour Friday. Because that third student had not yet been located, all weekend activities at the high school were cancelled and there was a possibly that students would be staying at home from school indefinitely. All that changed by late Friday afternoon when authorities in Las Vegas confirmed that they had tracked down the third student and it was determined that the student neither had the intent or the means to carry out the threat. By that time, a concert Friday at the high school as part of Nancy’s Notions Sewing Expo had already been relocated to Grace Presbyterian. Other weekend events, including the Something Special From Wisconsin Breakfast, were able to be held at the high School. While classes may have resumed in the Beaver Dam School District, the superintendent says there will be an increased police presence.  Friday’s day off will also not impact the length of the school year as the district has three emergency days-off built into the schedule and this is the second one to be used.