Rock River Archaeology Society Road Show

(Horicon) It’s time again for the Rock River Archaeology Society Road Show.  Held at the Horicon Marsh Education and Visitors Center, this annual event allows members and visitors to bring in interesting, strange, or unknown artifacts to share with others.  Unlike the similarly named television program, this Road Show won’t be offering appraisals, but instead will offer the opportunity to show off the hidden gems we have in our garages and attics.  Attendees with mystery items may even be able to get them identified by the audience.  Alongside the Road Show the Rock River Archaeology Society will be offering a Silent Auction featuring 3 items provided by the flint nappers.  David Becwar of Ferryville is donating a Montana Agota, Robert Kerper is donating an Eden Point which he made at a recent festival, and Gary Eldred of Boscobel is donating a replica of the Scotts Bluff Alata point blade.  The Rock River Archaeology Societies annual Road Show featuring a silent auction will be held on Wednesday December 18th starting at 6:30pm.  Refreshments will be provided after the event.