Rindfleisch Lawyer: Governor Walker Would Have Supported Former Aide

Governor Scott Walker was planning to tell a jury next week that his former Milwaukee County aide Kelly Rindfleisch did everything he expected her to do for county taxpayers. That’s what Rindfleisch’s lawyer said in a radio interview on Friday. The Columbus woman averted a trial by pleading guilty to one of her four felony charges of misconduct in office. The other three counts were dropped, and a judge will decide November 19th whether to accept the state’s request for limited jail time and no fines. Rindfleisch’s plea deal also got the governor out of testifying, after he was subpoenaed to do so. Rindfleisch’s lawyer, Franklyn Gimbel, told a Milwaukee campus station that he expected Walker to stand up for his former policy analyst and deputy chief-of-staff. Gimbel said she always responded to requests for services within her job – even as she spent county work hours campaigning for Walker and lieutenant governor candidate Brett Davis in 2010. Gimbel said Rindfleisch pleaded guilty to quote, “get this over with.”