Review Of Beaver Dam’s Capital Improvement Plan Delayed

(Beaver Dam) A review of the city of Beaver Dam’s Capital Improvement Plan has been delayed until next month. The CIP maps out street projects, infrastructure improvements and equipment purchases over five years while focusing on spending for the upcoming budget. The agenda this past Monday called for distributing the CIP to elected officials on both of the city’s two main standing committees: Operations and Administration. Mayor Becky Glewen asked each committee to hold-off on distribution of the document and instead have each individual alderperson sign-up for one-on-one meetings over the next week with her and the city finance director to discuss the CIP. The document would then be brought back to the committees for more discussion. Glewen says she wants some initial input on priorities from each of the individual alderpersons before it is finished being put together. Borrowing for the CIP is typically capped at around $1.7-million dollars but in the past two years the city has voted to exceed that self-imposed cap by several million dollars, primarily for downtown revitalization and road projects.