Responders Recognized For Life-Saving Call In Mayville

5/30/17 – Local emergency responders shared the details of a life-saving service call with us recently on WBEV’s Community Comment. On April 10, Kelly Korth of Mayville suffered a life threatening cardiac event. Mayville EMT Julie Staffin, who assisted that day, had an opportunity recently to meet Korth and Staffin says it was an emotional reunion with lots of tears and lots of thank you’s. It was Staffin’s first save. Beaver Dam Fire Department Captain Paul Hartl, who was also recognized, also discussed the events that transpired that day. Hartl says CPR played a major role in saving the women’s life. He says without the first responders and bystanders administering CPR they do not have a viable patient to work with. Several individuals were recently honored at Mayville City Hall for their actions in the response. Four bystanders, four Mayville EMT’s, a Mayville police detective, two Beaver Dam paramedics, a UW educational center clinical student, and five Dodge County dispatchers were all honored.