Republican Lawmakers Lay Out New COVID Relief Plan On First Day Of Legislative Session

(Madison) The new session of the Wisconsin Legislature got started with some strong words from the leader of the Assembly.

Speaker Robin Vos says he’d like to expand the powers of the legislature into the coming session.

“The executive and judicial branches have expanded their powers significantly beyond the founders expectations through the use of ideas such as executive orders or simply refusing to carry out the law as enacted by the legislature.”

Vos says restrictions in place due to COVID-19 have resulted in a loss of freedoms for Wisconsinites.

“Who would have thought we left here last April that so many things we take for granted would now be in question? The ability for free movement, the ability to work, worship, educate your children, or simply visit a sick relative?”)

Republicans are also bringing their own package of COVID-19 relief bills to the floor, starting on Tuesday.

“While it was very disappointing that the Governor walked away from the negotiating table last month, I want to thank our colleagues in the State Senate who continued our negotiations so we have a final bill that has been agreed to in both Chambers.”

Governor Evers repeatedly tried to get the Legislature to come into session to discuss or debate a number of his own COVID-19 relief ideas through most of last year. The Republican-led legislature was not interested at the time.


Courtesy of WRN