Representative Penterman Addresses Columbus Council

(Columbus) State Representative Will Penterman addressed the Columbus Common Council at their meeting this week. Among the topics the Republican, who is from Columbus, discussed included the state budget and shared revenue.

Originally, 90-percent of the shared revenue from sales tax in the state of Wisconsin went to local municipalities. In recent years, that number has decreased to 10-percent. At a recent legislative session, it was decided that one penny of the 5.5-percent state sales tax will go back to local municipalities.

Penterman explains what that means for the city of Columbus.

“[The] city of Columbus specifically will see a 28-percent increase in its 2024 total aid increase through existing municipality aid and the supplemental municipality aid,” says Penterman.       

Penterman says it is important because of the effects of inflation and citizens want quality municipal services. On the state budget, the assemblyman says Wisconsin entered budget season with a surplus.

“A good fiscal state, unlike certain other states in the Union,” Penterman. “So, it was my goal that we’re going to invest in key priorities. Shared revenue [is] one of those big things, education, and then fixing roads. Roads and transportation.”       

Penterman says that much of the surplus was taken in over state taxes.