Report: Walker Will Fall Short in Jobs Promise

State officials estimate that Governor Scott Walker will fall more than 100-thousand jobs short of his campaign promise from 2010 to create a quarter-million new jobs by the end of 2014. The Revenue Department released its quarterly economic forecast this week. It said Wisconsin would net 38-thousand new jobs for 2011 and 2012 – and the state would add around 36-thousand more jobs in 2013, with a slightly higher total in 2014 when Walker stands for re-election. Walker says employers have had to wrestle with political uncertainty caused by last year’s protests and recalls, the Obama health care law, and the fiscal cliff. The Revenue Department report also cites a weak domestic demand for U-S products along with slower exports, persistently-high unemployment, the slow recovery of the housing market, and tight credit. It also said Wisconsin’s gross domestic product would only grow by about half the national rate in 2013. Still, the Republican Walker is still confident he can keep his promise, by putting a renewed focus on the priorities that can lead to more jobs – things like improving education and worker training, and investing in infrastructure.