Remington Staying in Madison-area

1/20/12 – The maker of Remington shavers says it will keep its headquarters in the Madison area and continue to manufacture Ray-o-Vac batteries in Portage. Spectrum Brands said for the first time publicly Thursday that it considered moving to Miramar Florida, where one of its home appliance subsidiaries is based. But in a statement, the company cited cost savings, space efficiencies, and a forgivable four-million-dollar state loan in deciding to stay in Wisconsin. Spectrum Brands plans to build a new headquarters facility in the Madison suburb of Middleton. It’s due to open in 2013, and the company says it will have room for up to 70 professional employees who now work in Florida. Had the headquarters been moved, C-E-O Dave Lumley said up to 300 jobs would have been transferred from Madison. Spectrum Brands has battery plants in Portage and Fennimore, and a center in De Forest to handle returns. Besides batteries and razors, Spectrum also makes Black-and-Decker appliances, pet supplies, and insect repellents. The firm says it has an economic impact of 100-million-dollars a year in Wisconsin.