Regional Vehicle Sales Down Slightly During 2021

(Dodge County) Dodge County vehicle sales last year were down slightly when compared to 2020. According to statistics released by the Waterloo-based industry tracking firm Reg-Trak, Dodge County had just over 35-hundred vehicles sales in 2021, down about a half-percent from the previous year. Car sales were up two-and-a-half-percent with 370 while truck sales were down point-eight-percent to just over 31-hundred.

In Columbia County, 25-hundred vehicles rolled off dealer lots through the end of December, an increase of point-eight-percent. Car sales were up almost four-percent to 291 sold while truck sales increased by point-four-percent with 22-hundred sold.

Jefferson County vehicle sales were above 26-hundred, an increase of eight-percent over the last 12-month cycle. Car sales were up 11-percent with 342 while truck sales increased by eight-percent with 23-hundred.

For the nine-county south central Wisconsin region as a hole, there were over 42-thousand vehicle sales last year, a nearly half-percent jump. Car sales were down over four-percent to 64-hundred while truck sales were up one-percent to 36-thousand.