Referendum Will Ask Mayville Voters About Selling City-Owned Golf Course

(Mayville) Voters in Mayville will have a hand in the decision to sell the city-owned golf course. The Mayville Common Council Monday night approved adding a non-binding referendum to the spring ballot asking citizens what they want done with the course.

The facility is currently operated by Mark and Jeff Trott on a three-year lease that will come to an end next year. Mayor Rob Boelk says even though the referendum will only be advisory, city officials will still lean towards what the public wants. He says tax payers will need to decide whether to sell the course and what to do with the proceeds or if they do not want to sell it and how Mayville will pay for maintenance costs. Boelk says it could cost up to $1-million dollars to operate the course for three to four years.

While the exact wording of the referendum question is still being hammered out, Boelk says there is an important issue that should be included. He says the city wishes to see the golf course stay a golf course by whoever would purchases the grounds. Boelk says if the buyer could not sustain the golf course, he would want an option to buy it back at the purchase price.

The common council will review the referendum question during their next meeting in January. Boelk says the city needs to submit the referendum to the county 70 days prior to the April 7th election.