Redistricting Process Underway In Beaver Dam

(Beaver Dam) The redistricting process is underway across the county, the state and in the city of Beaver Dam. City Administrator Zak Bloom says the city council needs to have the ward lines approved with equal populations by early November.

There are 17 wards in the city of Beaver Dam but only 14 have people living in them. Over the past decade, wards have been added following township annexation for things like billboards and DPW compost sites. Bloom says it is anticipated that the three empty wards would be absorbed into the newly drawn wards.

The population in the city of Beaver Dam increased by 494 residents since the 2010 Census – which at the time was 16,214. The new census numbers fall six people short of the city being able to issue another liquor license, officials pointed out. Municipalities have a computer program that assists in making sure aldermanic lines are contiguous and compact with equal populations. The county has to publish a “notice of election” by the fourth Tuesday in November.