Record Heat Hits Wisconsin

6/8/11 – It was 100-degrees yesterday in parts of Wisconsin that had frost on the ground just two-to-three weeks ago. Eau Claire and La Crosse both had 100, and both broke record highs for the date set in 1987. At the airport in Juneau it hit 95, breaking the record set in 1988 of 92-degrees. Cities throughout Wisconsin set new record highs, including Milwaukee at 97. And it hit 95 in Madison for only the fourth time since 2000. The National Weather Service says it’s been the hottest June in 17 years. You can expect one more day of this intense heat. Forecasters say a strong cold front will move from northwest Wisconsin to the southeast throughout the day, bringing the potential for thunderstorms that could be severe in the southeast half. Once it all goes through, it’s supposed to be a lot cooler and less humid. Some parts of Wisconsin might not get out of the 60’s tomorrow.