Record Heat Blasts Wisconsin

7/2/11 – For the second time in less than a month nearly all of Wisconsin saw record high temperatures yesterday. The high temps in the south central part of the state peaked in the upper 80’s and mid 90’s but high humidity made it feel even warmer as the heat index climbed into the 98 to 107-degree range. Watertown hit 91-degrees but with the humidity it felt like 102-degrees. Portage saw a high temp of 94-degrees with a heat index of 106-degrees. It only got up to 87-degrees in Juneau, two degrees short of the record of 89 degrees set back in 1975. But it was hot enough that the pavement on Highway 151 northbound near Gunn Road in Beaver Dam buckled forcing authorities to close down one lane for about 2-hours for repairs. The warmest temps and heat indices were seen in the western part of the state. It was 99 degrees in Boscobel at four o’clock – and the humidity made it feel like 112. La Crosse had 98 degrees and it felt like 115-degrees, while places as far north as Hayward were putting up with temps in the mid-90’s. It’s going to be warm again today but not as hot as yesterday.