Recent Flooding Causes Over $450,000 In Damages In Columbia County

(Columbus) Recent flooding has resulted in $454-thousand dollars in damage in Columbia County. That is according to the Wisconsin Department of Military Affairs and comes following previous reports that statewide flooding damage resulted in $2-million dollars in losses. Columbia County experienced $65-thousand dollars in damage to roads and bridges with another $90-thousand dollars in damage to buildings and equipment. The flooding cost water control facilities in Columbia County around $3000 and utilities $1800. The $454-thousand-dollar figure also includes $40-thousand dollars in expenses for emergency response services and another $250-thousand dollars listed as “other.” There were 30 homes and one business that sustained minor damage and one home that suffered major damage.  Debris removal cost $5000 in Columbia County. In Fond du Lac County, debris removal accounts for $150-thousand dollars of the $320-thousand dollars in estimated damage to public infrastructure. Roads and bridges accounted for $90-thousand dollars of the price-tag while emergency service costs topped $40-thousand dollars. Fond du Lac County had 48 homes with minor damage, three with major damage and one that was destroyed.