Randolph Teen Charged With Felony Retail Theft

(Beaver Dam) A Randolph teen has been charged with changing the price of items at a Beaver Dam business and paying significantly less for them. Dominick Jarden is facing a felony count of Retail Theft and a misdemeanor charge of Theft of Movable Property. According to the criminal complaint, Jarden would enter the unidentified business and replace the product’s code so that when it was scanned at checkout, it would read as a $2.48-cent pack of chewing gum. Jarden would scan the items at the self-checkout lane and pay with a credit card. The 18-year-old allegedly did this seven times between January and March. The business reported a total loss of $1,232. When questioned by investigators, Jarden reportedly admitted to his actions and to out-right stealing other items from the business. If convicted, Jarden faces over four-years behind bars. An initial appearance is scheduled for June 7th.