Randolph School District Adopts 2019-2020 Budget

(Randolph) The Randolph School Board adopted their 2019-2020 budget this week. District expenditures total just over $7.4-million dollars with a tax levy of $2.8-million, an increase of $103,000 over last year. The mill rate of $12.48 per one-thousand dollars of assessed value is a two-cent drop from what homeowners saw a year ago.

Director of Business Services Ryan Cashman says that decrease is $1.06 less than the projected mill rate was prior to the referendum voting in 2015. He says the current budget has a planned deficit of $100,000 due to a district wide initiative to spend fund balance.

Cashman says those dollars will be targeted at supporting curriculum, professional development and infrastructure in the district. He says the fund balance is in addition to the Capital Project Fund that currently maintains a balance of over $500,000 for use beginning in 2022.

Cashman says the plan is to address the high school’s roof at that time. He says there are no major projects planned this year outside of $20,000 earmarked towards HVAC improvements.

Cashman says they saw a slight decline in enrollment but their open-enrollment numbers have increase passed projections. He also notes that the district saw an increase in state aid.