Randolph Man Enters Insanity Plea In Police Chief Assault

5/10/17 –  A Randolph man was found not guilty by reason of insanity yesterday for assaulting the Randolph Police Chief while he was being taken into custody. A Dodge County judge accepted the plea and found Brandon Washburn guilty of felony Battery to a Law Enforcement Officer. A report from the Department of Human Services was requested by the court. The incident happened last May when Chief Michael Klavekoske was taking the 21-year-old to the Winnebago Mental Health Facility.  The family requested an emergency detention and authorities agreed noting his erratic behavior and possible connection to a Cambria break-in. Washburn had been calm but became violent when Klavekoske attempted to place him in handcuffs. The chief was punched in the face before Washburn was subdued by officers who threatened to use a Taser gun. He was taken to the facility without further incident. A sentencing hearing is scheduled for May 31.