Raises Approved For Sheriff, Clerk Of Courts But Not Without Objections

(Juneau) The Dodge County Board has approved a salary increase for two elected officials but not without objections. The positions of sheriff and clerk of circuit court are each getting a six-percent raise next year along with a three-percent pay bump in 2024, followed by two-percent increases in 2025 and 2026. The salary hike is attached to the position, not to the person currently holding office.  

Supervisor Dan Siegmann took issue with the six-percent jump for the sheriff noting that he understands that the resolution sets the salary for a position, not an individual. He says this case is different because he has a hard time separating the position from the person. 

He says the resolution is based on comparables and not responsibilities. The District 10 supervisor says the sheriff is in charge of fewer employees and less inmates due to the recent closure of a jail pod. He adds that a six-percent wage increase would be unreasonable given the reduced responsibilities.  

Siegmann says there are current “management concerns” that should be addressed. He referenced disagreements between a group he helped form, called “Free in Dodge,” and the sheriff that has spilled over into social media.  

Siegmann says their exchanges have not been very friendly on Facebook, during conservations on the air, and on YouTube.   

County Board Chairman Russ Kottke responded by advising board members to not talk about the performance of a specific employee outside of closed session. He says the raise is for whoever is elected sheriff in the fall. Kottke said Siegmann’s effort was (quote) “absolutely wrong.” 

Siegmann made a motion to drop the pay increase for sheriff to 2.65-percent and the clerk of courts to 3.08-percent the first year, which failed. The Human Resource Committee says the six-percent raises are in line with similar positions in neighboring counties.