Rain Does Not Stop Walldogs

6/29/17 – The storms that moved through the area yesterday evening did not stop the Walldogs Decorate the Dam Mural Festival from getting underway. Day one Wednesday was dedicated to sketching the illuminated projection of the images on the sides of the buildings where the 15 murals depicting Beaver Dam’s history will be painted over the next couple days. Organizers have been erecting scaffolding and tents and readying supplies. The rain got things off to a slightly late start yesterday, by about a half hour, but clearing skies at dusk along with a couple appropriately placed tarps allowed the black permanent marker outlines to take shape. Assistant Project Leader Andy Goretski says the project leaders are experienced with inclement weather and have taken measures to make sure the images get on the walls. He says it is normal in their line of work to go between sun and rain and because the walls were previously primed they should dry quickly. The sketch is done with permanent markers that do not wash off.


While mural artists are coming to Beaver Dam from around the world there are also several local volunteer Walldogs like Judy Beyer of Beaver Dam who is working on the Cigelski building. Motorists entering the city from the south will be greeted by a mural featuring the city’s racing history along with Beaver Dam-native Fred MacMurray in the flying Flubber car. Beyer says they got an early start Tuesday and mixed paints in the rain Wednesday in anticipation of better weather. The Cigelski mural features three racing cars from Beaver Dam complete with their racing numbers and sponsors. The drivers of those race cars – Miles “Mouse” Melius, Willie Goeden and Fuzzy “The Hound” Fassbender — were on hand at Cigelski’s yesterday to get a look at the site and share some memories. Incidentally, AM1430 WBEV was one of the racing sponsors back in the day and we are told a vintage WBEV logo will appear on one of those cars in the mural.