Racine Man Convicted In Beaver Dam Residential Theft

6/21/17 – A Racine man was found guilty yesterday of stealing money from a wallet from a Beaver Dam house. John T. Gayden pled guilty to reduced charges of misdemeanor Battery, Resisting an Officer and Theft of Movable Property. In February, police responded to a report of a robbery that occurred in Beaver Dam. The victim had followed his attackers to the Rogers Hotel and in talking with police noted that he knew one of the suspects. Gayden was in custody later that same day for underage drinking and was questioned by police about the theft. The 18-year-old at first denied the claim but then admitted to stealing close to $560 dollars from the wallet. He said he needed the money for food and added that he chose the victim because of a feud between the victim and an associate of his. Gayden was placed on probation for two years.