Quiet Hours Added To Beaver Dam Noise Ordinance

(Beaver Dam) The Beaver Dam Common Council Monday night approved setting quiet hours in the city between 11pm and 6am. A citizens group presented a petition to the city last fall asking to have the ordinance bolstered to address loud music. The group had hoped to have decibel levels written into the ordinance but that discussion never made it out of committee. Instead, the ordinance remains unchanged except for the addition of quiet hours. Those citizens last night expressed concerns with the impact that a lack of action would have on their property values and peace of mind. The citizens group had frequently referenced the noise carried across the lake from the outdoor stage in the beer garden of the Thirsty Beaver on Madison Street. Owner Dani Hansen says the tavern is doing everything it can to be a respectful neighbor. Sound prevention equipment has been installed and the bar monitors the noise with decibel-level readers from four different locations. Several amendments to the ordinance failed to garner enough support to advance, including amendments that would have set quiet hours weekdays at 9pm and then 10pm along with an attempt to set quiet hours from 11pm to 7am.