Quarter Of Needed Petitions Collected For Formation Of Beaver Dam Lake District

(Beaver Dam) Over 25-percent of the petitions needed to form a lake district around Beaver Dam Lake have been signed and returned. The taxing jurisdiction would raise revenue from waterfront property owners to address issues ranging from shoreline erosion to water quality. Formation of the district first requires signatures from 51-percent of the 1490 shoreline residents living on 1104 parcels in the city of Beaver Dam and five townships.

The Beaver Dam Lake Improvement Association is spearheading the effort and the groups President Bill Boettge told us Tuesday on WBEV’s Community Comment that petition mailings went out over three days last Monday and over 200 have been received to date. The lake group is saying that the district could cost an estimated $80 a year for shoreline property owners, depending on the budget.

Boettge emphasizes that those who live inside the district would approve those budgets and could even vote to dissolve the entity if they so choose. He says property owners would have more power than they do now with the Lake Improvement Association. A lake district would have a governing body consisting of one representative from Beaver Dam, one individual from the county, and three members who would be elected by the property owners.

Organizers hope to have the signatures collected by the end of next month. That’s because state statute only allows a lake district to hold its annual meeting during the warm weather months, by September 8 this year. If enough signatures are collected, a public hearing would be held within 30 days to allow those who are for or against the lake district to speak out. Once a public hearing is held, the county board has roughly three months to approve the formation of the district.

If approved, Beaver Dam would be joining the majority of larger lakes in Wisconsin by creating such a management district, including the neighboring lake communities of Fox Lake and Lake Sinissippi.

Property owners are holding a series of informational meetings, including meetings Wednesday (4/25) and Thursday (4/26) evenings at 6:30pm at John’s Bar on Madison Street in Beaver Dam.