Push to Keep Post Offices Open

8/5/11 – There’s an effort brewing in Congress to save the post offices that are targeted for closing. The Postal Service wants to shut down 41 facilities throughout Wisconsin, including the office in Lowell, to try and reduce the millions-of-dollars the agency has been losing. But freshman House Republican Sean Duffy of Ashland says he’ll fight to keep them open. He says his district has dozens of small towns where the post office is their identity. Duffy says he’s found a lot of fat that can be cut in Washington, and post offices are not among them. Herbster Town Board member Jane Bucy says the closings of rural post offices could mean the end for many small towns. She says her post office is the “life of the community” – and many older people still depend on the mail for medicines and other important things. Duffy says several members of Congress are pushing bills to send the postal closing list to the dead-letter-bin.