Purse Snatcher Nabbed By GPS

1/10/12 – The suspect in several smash-and-grab purse snatchings in the Town of Beaver Dam last month was apprehended because of the GPS on a phone in one of the purses. That’s according to Town Police Chief John Kreuzinger who says seven cars were broken into at Old Hickory Golf Club in December and six had purses stolen. One of the purses had a phone enabled with a global positioning system. Employees were able to provide information on a suspicious green pick-up truck and that, combined with the GPS coordinates, allowed police to trace the suspect to the Neosho area. The truck matching the description was spotted outside a local bar, but the driver sped off when police arrived. The suspect was taken into custody following a traffic stop and he is facing a variety of charges. All the purses and their contents were returned to the victims.