Protestors Heard During Walker Speech

6/10/11 – About 60 people protested against the new state budget outside a building at U-W Madison where Governor Scott Walker was speaking yesterday. They blew horns while the Republican governor spoke to 165 people at the university’s annual housing conference. And according to a Wisconsin State Journal reporter, they pounded on the building four times – and that prompted Walker to tell his audience, “That’s opportunity knocking for all of us now.” Walker made no other reference to the protestors during his half-hour address. In answering questions from the bankers and developers, Walker admitted he should have spent more time building a case for his proposed limits on public union bargaining. He said they should be seen as quote, “not a right, but an expensive entitlement” for public employees. Walker said some of the funding he wanted to cut could be restored for schools, and for what he called “safety nets for the poor, and for our elders, and for those with special needs.” Still, Walker said his budget will lead to higher state revenues and increased prosperity.