Property Taxes Up by the Smallest Amount in 15-Years

1/16/12 – Wisconsin’s total property taxes went up by the smallest amount in the last 15 years. Preliminary figures from the state’s Taxpayers Alliance show a three-tenths-of-one-percent increase in the tax bills received last month by home-and-business owners. The group credits a statewide decrease of one-percent in public school tax levies. State-mandated revenue limits were the main reason for the drop. School taxes are normally the largest part of a property owner’s tax bill. City, village, and town tax levies jumped by up to two-percent. That represents almost a quarter of a person’s tax bill. The tax alliance said one of every three counties either froze or reduced their tax levies this year. Brown, Marathon, Bayfield, Washington, and Winnebago dropped their total taxes by at least one-percent. Five counties — Dane, Columbia, Crawford, Calumet, and Kewaunee — raised their county taxes by four-percent or more.