Project Aimed To Give Fish Safe Habitats

2/25/17 – A group of local lake enthusiasts is looking to help some of the fish in Beaver Dam Lake.  As part of an ongoing project, the Beaver Dam Lake Improvement Association plans to create ‘coarse woody habitats’ at various locations along the lakeshore.  During a recent appearance on WBEV’s Community Comment program, Lake Improvement Association President Bill Boettge said the habitats are created when a tree naturally falls into the lake or when a tree/branch that is six to eight inches in diameter is cut into the lake and then attached to the shore to prevent waves from sweeping it away.  Boettge says the purpose of creating these habitats is to give fish a spawning location where they are safe from predators.  He says it also helps combat shoreline erosion.  While there is no limit on how many coarse woody habitats may be created, Boettge says BDLIA is currently looking at three locations. Those spots would be the Conservations Club, the bay where Middle Island is, and the bay where Axehead Island is located.