Private Sector Job Losses

10/21/11 – The numbers of private sector jobs in Wisconsin went down in September for the third straight month. State workforce development officials said today that Wisconsin had a net loss of 900 private sector jobs during the month. Health care jobs grew by about three-thousand, and there were 15-hundred more construction jobs than in August on a seasonally-adjusted basis. But Wisconsin’s largest sector, manufacturing, had three-thousand fewer jobs. And state and local governments continued to take a huge hit, as their workforces dropped by almost 12-thousand people. Officials highlighted a slight decline in the state’s unemployment rate, from seven-point-nine percent to seven-point-eight. Workforce Development Secretary Scott Baumbach said the state’s rate went down while the national jobless rate was stagnant – and the Badger State has lower unemployment than other manufacturing states like Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio. Still, Baumbach said unemployment is too high in Wisconsin – and he said it underscores the urgency of Governor Walker’s special session on jobs.