Private Developers Seek City Funding To Help Raze Two Downtown Beaver Dam Buildings

(Beaver Dam) Private developers are seeking city funds to assist in razing two downtown Beaver Dam buildings. James Stricker has spent the past five years trying to do something with the Old Milwaukee House and adjacent Monarch Range storefront on South Center Street. There have been roadblocks, especially from building inspectors, and financial challenges, like the death of a business associate, but Stricker says things are starting to come together. Plans for renovation have been scrapped in favor of demolition and Stricker has drawn up blueprints for a brand new structure, which would house a custard stand with a variety of fast food items. Early estimates put the cost at demolition at around $30,000 and Stricker is hoping the city will offer a grant, similar to the Weyco and Silverstone projects, that could be paid back with TIF financing. Stricker’s business partner, Jim Knowles of JD Knowles and Associates, says they are hoping to secure funding so that demolition could take place before winter. The project still needs to clear a number of municipal and financing hurdles. If all goes according to plan, Stricker says the custard stand could be open by next summer.