Prison Ordered For Dodge County Daytime Burglary Spree

(Fox Lake) A Milwaukee man was sentenced Tuesday to ten-and-a-half years in prison in connection to a series of residential break-ins around the Dodge County-area. Adam Tibbits entered a no contest plea to three felony counts of Burglary as a Party to a Crime. An additional Burglary charge with a repeater enhancer was dismissed but read into the record. In March of 2017, a Dodge County deputy was dispatched to a report of a daytime break-in. The homeowners reported missing electronics, jewelry, blank checks, and a safe. In investigating a string of daytime burglaries in Beaver Dam, police discovered a safe in the basement of a residence where Tibbits and an accomplice – Travis Cotten – were living. Police were able to open the safe with the combination given to them by the victim. The blank checks were found among Tibbits belongings. The 31-year-old Cotton was charged with one felony count of Burglary as a Party to a Crime and will be sentenced on June 21. In addition to prison, the 37-year-old Tibbits was placed on extended supervision for ten-and-a-half years.