Poll: 60% of People Willing to Pay More for Pizza to Allow for Employees Health Insurance

Almost six-of-every-10 Wisconsin voters would be happy to pay 14-cents more for a Papa John’s pizza, so the company could provide health insurance to its employees. That’s how 13-hundred likely voters responded in a recent survey by the Public Policy Polling firm. Only 22-percent said they would not be willing to pay more to provide health coverage to the pizza-makers. Almost one-of-every-five did not have an opinion. Thirty-nine percent of Republicans in the poll said they would not pay the extra 14-cents – but 37-percent of G-O-P voters said they would pay. Employer health coverage will become more of an issue if Republicans don’t make good on their campaign pledges to repeal the national health reform law passed by President Obama and his fellow Democrats. The law requires employers to offer coverage to their workers, and pay a penalty if they don’t. Critics have said that many employers wound find it cheaper to pay the penalty, and let employees go on government health plans if they can.