Poll: 51% Approve of the Job Walker is Doing

1/26/12 – Just over half of Wisconsin voters approve of Governor Scott Walker’s job performance. That’s according to the first poll released today by the Marquette Law School in Milwaukee. Fifty-one percent of the 701 registered voters polled by phone approve of the job the Republican Walker’s doing. Forty-six percent disapprove. The poll was taken from last Thursday through Sunday, just days after recall petitions were filed against the governor. The poll has a three-point-eight percent margin of error. It was released just hours before Walker addresses a split electorate in his annual State-of-the-State message. The Marquette poll also shows that Walker leads four potential Democratic challengers in a recall election. The poll has Walker leading his opponent from 2010, Tom Barrett, 50-to-44 percent. And the governor leads former Dane County Executive Kathleen Falk 49-42. Walker would also out-poll Democrats Dave Obey and Tim Cullen. Seventy-four percent agreed that state employees should pay more toward their own pensions and health insurance, but limiting collective bargaining was supported by just 48-to-47 percent, within the margin of error. The Marquette Law School poll was conducted by Charles Franklin, who’s on leave from U-W Madison. The school plans to conduct a number of polls in 2012.