Police praise teen who turned over thousands in cash she found on street

rzymu/iStock(TORONTO) — Canadian police are praising the “honesty and integrity” of a local teenager for handing in a large sum of cash she found over the weekend.

The 17-year-old girl was walking down the street in her hometown of Milton, just west of Toronto, on Saturday evening when she noticed a package on the ground. Inside, she found several bank deposit envelopes stuffed with thousands of Canadian dollars in cash. The teen immediately brought the money to the local police station, according to a press release from the Halton Regional Police Service.

Police said it was clear that the deposit envelopes were from a local business, so officers were able to contact a representative and return the money.

An employee had accidentally dropped the deposit envelopes, according to police.

The Halton Regional Police Service didn’t identify the teen or the business involved but said it “acknowledges this young woman and commends her for her honesty and integrity.”

“It is acts of honesty and civic duty like this that replenishes faith in the goodhearted nature of the majority of youth in our community,” police said.

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