Police: Body Found In River Reminder Of Need To Drink Responsibly

(Beaver Dam) Beaver Dam Police Sergeant Jeremiah Johnson is reminding residents of the dangers of excessive alcohol consumption. His comments come just days after the Dodge County Medical Examiner determined that acute ethanol intoxication played a factor in the death of George Stodola of Beaver Dam. The 48-year-old’s body was recovered from the Beaver Dam River just north of Highway 151 on June 1st.

Johnson says drinking and driving is not the only danger from excessive public drinking. He says if a person is too drunk to walk, they need to reach out to someone to get them home safely. Johnson says it’s important to evaluate your situation before heading home, from understanding if you are sober enough or if you can trust the people you are with.

During Friday’s Community Comment program, Johnson explained how law enforcement intervenes in situations of alcohol intoxication. He says the individual would be transported to the Beaver Dam hospital for evaluation and determine what their blood-alcohol-concentration level is. Johnson says anyone above .3 would have to go for detoxification. He says if a person is at risk of suffering withdrawals during detox or complications from sobering up, they would be transported to a facility such as the Tellurian in Madison. Johnson encourages anyone drinking publicly to do so responsibly.