Police and Fire Deductibles May Increase To Balance BD Budget

10/26/11 – The Beaver Dam Administrative Committee got to work last night crunching the numbers in the 2012 budget. Officials went into the meeting having to trim $174,000 and after speaking with each department individually over the course of the four-and-a-half hour meeting, they were able to cut around $38,000. The committee rejected around $25,000 in purchase requests from the police department for new laptops and a solar-powered upgrade to their speed trailer. Another $10,000 in projected labor attorney expenses was trimmed and Beaver Dam Lake Days will only get $7000 for fireworks this year instead of $8000. Committee Chair Don Neuert says the city only has so many options. Layoffs do not appear likely and most purchase requests were approved last night. Neuert says the committee is considering pushing off $140,000 in debt payments next year but that would cost an additional $88,000 in interest. The final, and most likely, option would be to save money on health insurance by increasing the deductible on police and fire personnel, something allowed for the first time because of recent changes in Madison. Neuert says, in his opinion, that appears to be the most likely to be approved. As far as the rest of the budget, the fire department may be getting a part-time clerk while the Community Activities and Services Department could see a part-time position increased to full time. The mayor’s salary is also proposed to increase $5000 to $60,000 beginning after the April election. The total proposed budget is $13.7 million dollars, of which the city plans to levy for $8.4 million, that’s an increase of four-and-a-quarter-percent (4.25%) or roughly $342,000 higher than the current budget. No word yet on the proposed mill rate. The Administrative Committee is expected to advance the budget during their regular meeting on Monday.