Police “Amazed” By Village Glen Tenants Understanding

(Beaver Dam) Authorities say the displaced residents of Village Glen building 109 were cooperative and understanding throughout the entire 11-day ordeal. A controlled burn was ordered following the fatal March 5th blast that revealed 13 jars T-A-T-P, a volatile chemical so unstable that it first had to be detonated, before the entire building was burned to the ground. The lead investigator on the case, Beaver Dam Police Lt. Terrence Gebhardt says having to inform tenants of their plan was a humbling experience. He says he is thankful from the bottom of his heart for being so understanding following many difficult decisions. At first, residents were told all of their belongings would be lost during the burn but at the eleventh hour their most personal keepsakes were saved. During Friday’s WBEV Community Comment, Beaver Dam Police Sergeant Erik Smedema says the support shown by the community was encouraging to see. Smedema says community members brought food for those in need and alumni of the Beaver Dam’s Citizen Academy brought bagged launches for those working long hours.