Plenty Of Painters To Participate In ‘Decorate the Dam’

(Beaver Dam) The 200 plus painters that will converge on Beaver Dam this summer to create over a dozen murals in the city’s downtown area have a special distinction.  They are called Walldogs.  In this third installment of a five-part series on this summer’s ‘Decorate the Dam’ mural festival, we look at what it means to be a Walldog.  Judy Beyer is one and during a recent appearance on WBEV’s Community Comment program, said they are a skilled group of sign and mural painters that travel throughout the country on their vacations to paint a series of murals in a selected community.  Beyer says the purpose is to educate youth and newcomers about a municipality’s history. Beyer says she got her start with the Walldogs through the main way they recruit new members, by registering at one of the group’s open events and painting alongside them.  According to Beyer, the Walldogs have painted 548 murals in 30 towns during their 23 years of existence.  Anyone interested in learning more about the group can visit  ‘Decorate the Dam’ runs from June 28 through July 2, and the murals are intended to beautify the downtown as well as bolster tourism.  In tomorrow’s fourth installment, we will look at what volunteer efforts are still needed to make this festival a reality.