Plea Hearing Set For Beaver Dam Woman Accused Of Hiding Murder Suspect

(Juneau) A plea hearing was added to the court calendar Wednesday for a Beaver Dam woman charged in connection with a Town of Lebanon murder. Rebecca Wolc is facing a felony count of Harboring or Aiding A Felon. The 33-year-old is implicated along with Nigel Schultz of Portage who was found guilty last month of First Degree Intentional Homicide in the death of Bradlee Gerke of Beaver Dam.

The property owner called authorities on Halloween reporting that there could be a body in his cow pasture. He told investigators that his daughter identified the suspect as Schultz, who is her ex-boyfriend. According to the criminal complaint, investigators found burned grass with spots of blood and part of a skull; Gerke’s body was found in a shallow grave in a nearby tree line covered in gasoline.

Schultz was taken into custody on a parole violation at the Lakecrest Apartments in Beaver Dam. During that arrest, Wolc made contact with police at the front door and allegedly told them that Schultz was not there. A second female eventually left the residence and she informed authorities of Schultz’s presence.

When interviewed by investigators, Schultz initially maintained that the property owner was the one who shot the victim and he only stole the victim’s phone and Food Share Card. The 20-year-old later confessed to shooting Gerke in the back of the head with a 38-Derringer and a .22-rifle. Gerke was shot ten times in the back of his head and six times in the chest. Schultz allegedly stated that Gerke was going to report him to law enforcement for an apparent parole violation.

During the interview, Schultz also implicated Dakota Schlesner of Ixonia who allegedly aided him in the attempted disposal of the body. The 21-year-old is facing a felony count of Hiding a Corpse as a Party to a Crime and is in court Thursday for a preliminary hearing.

The murder was reported on Halloween but reportedly took place three days earlier. When Wolc was questioned by authorities, she reported seeing the body shortly after the shooting and said she did not call 911 because she was (quote) “kind of scared, really kind of scared.”

Wolc’s plea hearing is scheduled for next Wednesday.