Plea Deal Reached For Women Who Smuggled Wedding Ring Into Waupun Correctional

(Waupun) A plea deal for a Greendale woman who smuggled her husband’s wedding ring into the Waupun Correctional Institution. Ann Rachwal, who was facing a felony charge of Delivery of Illegal Articles to an Inmate, entered into a deferred prosecution agreement which means she will avoid a felony record if she stays out of trouble while on probation. The inmate told prison staff while they were searching his cell last December that his wife had brought in contraband against his wishes. The inmate said that Rachwal gave him two quarters, a marker pen, 18 stamps and his wedding ring while she visited him. In talking with investigators, the 44-year-old Rachwal said that she brought the items in because she wanted him to write her letters and pass the time in a healthy and responsible manner.