Pearson Set To Retire After Over 40 Years In BDHS Athletic Department

After 45 years at Beaver Dam High School Anne Pearson is retiring on June 15th.    42 of those 45 years have been working in the Athletics and Activities Department assisting the athletic director, making sure that hundreds of events every year go off without a hitch.

Just a few months after graduating from Beaver Dam High School in June of 1976, Pearson began working as a receptionist/secretary at the school on September 1st. Three year’s later moved to her current role.

“I was a kid fresh out of high school looking for a job and they hired me.”  Pearson told “When I first started here, I was going to work for three years and go to college. My husband and I started dating and we were kind of the misfits that didn’t go to college after high school. (We) Got married and continued to work. I did not expect to be here 45 years, but they have been great years.”

Pearson has worked for eight different athletic directors during her time at Beaver Dam High School and says her position has evolved quite a bit over the years from when she started

“It was very different. It wasn’t as involved as it is now. It was really just basically athletics, helping the coaches, making sure kids were eligible to practice, making sure we had officials.  Now it’s a little bit of everything, especially with the activities part.”

One other task that Pearson had to deal with over the years is making sure athletic information gets out to the media, getting them rosters, schedules and such. She used to have to type those by hand and snail mail them to various outlets across the region. Now technology has made that duty much easier.

Getting to know various parents and fans that have stretched generations is one of the thing’s Pearson has enjoyed the most during his time at BDHS.

“When I first started on the job, I would work events.  It was always fun to see people and get to know the parents and the fans.  Now it’s fun to see the kids come in excited about winning their letter.  The coaches have been fun to work with.  The whole thing has just been fun because I’ve been able to be a part of things going on at Beaver Dam High School and being an alum of Beaver Dam High School makes it more fun.”

It was also recently announced that Pearson will be inducted into the Beaver Dam High School Athletic Hall of Fame later this year.

Her last day on the job is June 15th and Pearson plans to spend more time with year two grandchildren along with reading a ton of books and taking care of projects at home.

“This place is my home.  These people are my family and I’m going to miss them terribly.”

Those with any connection to the Beaver Dam Unified School District or the conferences they were affiliated with will also miss Anne and all the hard work she has done over the years.

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Photo caption: Anne Pearson poses at her desk, which she will be retiring from after 45 years working in the Beaver Dam Unified School District.