Peanut is a special kitten looking for his forever home!

This little almost 2 month old boy arrived at the Dodge County Humane Society as a stray. He is happy, sweet and we found he tested positive for FIV – Feline immunodeficiency virus. FIV is an immune deficiency virus. FIV is not easily transmitted between cats and is only spread through deep bite wounds.Therefore, other than ensuring that there is no fighting and biting, most cats with FIV can live happily with one or two other non-FIV cats and never spread their virus. FIV cannot be spread to humans or other animal species like dogs, rabbits, etc.

Cats with FIV can live long and healthy lives. In fact, studies over the last 10 years or so have shown that cats with FIV often live as long as otherwise healthy cats that do not have this virus. Many of these cats age normally and never show signs of FIV-related.Give a little peanut a forever home and a wonderful life ahead! Come visit little Peanut!

Visit the Dodge County Humane Society

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