PAVE Services See Record Year

1/17/12 – Twenty-eleven (2011) was a record year for the domestic violence shelter in Beaver Dam. That’s according to Executive Director Jamie Kratz-Gullickson who says they provided over 4000 nights of shelter to victims of domestic violence and sexual assault last year, compared to 2800 the previous year. A night of shelter is measured as one person spending one night in the shelter. Kratz-Gullickson says when she started in 2007, PAVE provided 1200 nights of shelter. The closest they’ve gotten to the 4000 nights provided last year was in 2009, when there were 3800 nights of shelter recorded. PAVE helped 665 individual clients last year, compared to 600 the previous year. She says the increase has them re-assessing the size and versatility of the PAVE shelter.