Patriot Tour Returns To Beaver Dam Saturday

(Beaver Dam) The Patriot Tour will be back home in Beaver Dam Saturday. The Nation of Patriots sponsors the effort that raises money for veterans by taking one American flag through every state via city-to-city motorcycle relay. Beaver Dam is the home of the Patriot Tour which originated in the Badger State. Starting last year, the group decided to allow the state that raises the most money to have the honor of being the site of the launch and return. This year, the tour started in Las Vegas in early May and will be returning from its 14,500-mile run after Labor Day. Now in the 12th year, the Patriot Tour has achieved something it had hoped to do since the beginning: make it to all 50 states including Alaska and Hawaii. Before now, the ride had made it to all 48 states. Organizer Brad Weber told us on WBEV’s Community Comment that it would not be possible without the respect for our veterans and the flag from so many Americans. Listen to our interview below. The Patriot Tour leaves Illinois Friday evening headed for the Milwaukee-area. A group of riders will convene around noon tomorrow at the Sixth Gear Bar to make their way into Beaver Dam. The procession will exit Highway 151, head down Madison Street, through the downtown ending at Ooga Brewing on South Spring Street for their 2:30pm ceremony. To date the group has raised around $1.5-million dollars and they hope to add another quarter-million dollars with this year’s ride. The Nation of Patriots is all volunteer with no paid staff; 100-percent of the money that is raised goes directly to veterans.