Patriot Tour Organizers Hoping To Line Beaver Dam Streets

(Beaver Dam) Organizers with the Patriot Tour are hoping to see people line the streets of downtown Beaver Dam as the flag comes home Saturday afternoon. The Nation of Patriots raises money for veterans by taking that solitary American flag through all 50 on the back of series of motorcycles. Organizer Wade Fletcher says the bikes should be rolling down Madison Street around 1:45pm. From there they will head down Front Street to Ooga Brewing on South Spring Street for a 2:30pm ceremony. The parade had originated in Beaver Dam for years but started in Las Vegas this year because of all the money their chapter raised. Last year, the Nation of Patriots decided to begin and end the ride in the city that raised the most money the previous year. During milestone years, like the 15th anniversary, the plan is to return home to Beaver Dam and the region where the Patriot Tour got started. The group hopes to raise a quarter million dollars with this year’s ride and has raised $1.5-million dollars since it started 12 years ago. Every penny that is raised, 100-percent, goes directly to veterans. Saturday afternoon’s ceremony at Ooga Brewing in Beaver Dam gets underway at 2:30pm.