Patriot Tour At The Florida-Georgia Line

(Albuquerque) The Patriot Tour is heading through the Gulf coast this week after checking-off states in the southwest. The non-profit Nation of Patriots coordinates the fundraising journey that sees a series of flag-bearers carry one American flag by motorcycle, city-to-city, through all 48 contiguous states.

During a recent stop in Albuquerque, veteran Ryan Frost had his second chance to be a flag-bearer. Frost grew up in a veteran family and said he understands on a deeply emotional level what Old Glory represents and the lives that have been laid down for the flag and our freedom. He says it was awesome to see people stop to take their hats off, put their hands on their hearts and salute the red, white and blue as he carried the flag and led the Patriot Tour into Roswell. “When you ride with the Nation of Patriots you are one,” Frost says. The Patriot Tour is hitting the Florida – Georgia line today after starting the week in Mississippi.

The flag departed downtown Beaver Dam in May and is due back for a ceremony at the city’s Swan Park the Saturday after Labor Day. The Patriot Tour is hoping to surpass the one-million-dollar mark in money raised for veterans over the past ten years.


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