Patriot Tour Founder Shares Success Stories From Fundraiser For Vets

(Beaver Dam) The founder of the Patriot Tour recently joined WBEV’s Community Comment to share how the funds are used to help veterans in need. The non-profit Nation of Patriots coordinates the fundraising journey that sees a series of flag-bearers carry one American flag by motorcycle, city-to-city, through all 48 contiguous states. Founder Bill Sherer told us one of his favorite success stories. He says a veteran and his wife returned from a VA hospital to find all their belongings on the street and in the rain after their landlord had kicked them out of their apartment in Missouri.

Sherer says they contacted multiple different agencies for help but came up empty. He says someone within the Patriot Tour network passed their plight to organizers who stepped in to help. Sherer says they were able to relocate the family to a hotel until permanent housing could be obtain. He says this whole ordeal happened around Christmas, so the Patriot Tour also purchased presents for the kids.

Sherer says they have already helped roughly 300 families around the nation. The Patriot tour is set to return to Beaver Dam tomorrow and there will be a motorcycle parade at noon. The organization is hoping to surpass the one-million-dollar mark in money raised for veterans over the past ten years.