Patriot Tour Concludes In Beaver Dam

9/11/17 – A summer-long toured that spanned the nation wrapped up in Beaver Dam this weekend.  The ninth annual Patriot Tour for the non-profit Nation of Patriots began in Madison on Memorial Day weekend.  The United States flag that left Madison traveled throughout the country this summer, stopping in each of the lower 48 states.  There was a ceremony and fundraiser at each stop. The tour itself this year collected over $160-thousand for wounded veterans and their families. Final tabulations are expected to be close to $192-thousand when all is said and done. Volunteer and event organizer Brad Weber says more than 150-thousand riders from across the United States answered the call every year to escort our nation’s flag. A contingent of motorcycle riders left Beaver Dam’s Hogz and Honeez at 10am on Saturday.  The final flag transfer took place in Madison later that morning, and the group returned to Beaver Dam for an early afternoon parade through the downtown.  Festivities then shifted to the Dodge County Fairgrounds where the final ceremony was held. Speakers included Regional Commander from Arizona Dan Smith, founder Bill Sherer, and Beaver Dam Mayor Becky Glewen. She says the fact that the Patriot tour reaches 48 states and that so many people contribute to its success is a reflection of the goodness in America. Organizers plan to hold the tour again in 2018.  Organizer Wade Fletcher told us last week on WBEV’s Community Comment that the Nation of Patriots have been developing a very good relationship with UPS and Federal Express and one of these years the Patriot Tour may include all 50 states.