Pass It Forward: Blue Boy Gives Away Ice Cream

(Beaver Dam) An ice cream shop in Beaver Dam was giving away ice cream on Wednesday, something they always do around this time of year. A hand-painted sign reads: “Lynne LOVED coming to Blue Boy every weekend and also LOVED doing random acts of kindness for strangers and friends.” It is signed by Lynne’s family, the Laners  to honor her memory and her “sweetness” on her birthday. The family of the Beaver Dam woman started sending Blue Boy money three years ago, shortly after Lynne’s untimely death, with instructions to “pass it forward” by covering the tab for all the ice cream lovers whose own trip to Blue Boy is the cherry on the cake of their week. Lynne’s favorite ice cream: strawberry cheesecake. To avoid the risk of becoming predictable, Blue Boy randomly changes the date of their pass it forward ice cream freebee but it’s always around this time of year for friends and strangers alike.