Parents Warned After Area Authorities Seize Mushroom Laced Chocolate Bars

(Fond du Lac) Fond du Lac County sheriff’s officials are warning area parents after chocolate bars laced with mushrooms were seized during a recent traffic stop. Sheriff Ryan Waldschmidt says the bars contained psilocybin mushrooms.

They were in packages labeled ‘magic mushroom Belgian chocolate’ with popular flavors including cookies and cream, fruity pebbles, and cinnamon toast crunch. Waldschmidt says the arrest, which happened Sunday on Interstate 41, also involved colorful candy or vitamin looking pills that deputies commonly encounter and are usually ecstasy pills. He notes in this case however, they tested positive as methamphetamine.

The sheriff says both of these drugs are produced to look similar in color and packaging to candy that is typically targeted to be sold to youth, adding that these drugs could be harmful or even fatal to a child who consumed them. Waldschmidt says this is yet another example of why they remain committed to detecting and removing these drugs from the community.